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Become a ROIcart Ecommerce Shopping Cart Affiliate.

Once you signup you will be given your own affiliate link.

Whenever someone passes through one of your affiliate links and subscribes to one of our services, you will receive the credit for that referral and a monthly commission check for the LIFE of that customer.

How much money can you make?

Some of our affiliates receive regular monthly commission checks of $500-$1,000 (and higher) for referrals they made months ago.

Some of our top affiliates make more than $10,000 a month in "residual-style income."

Why become our affiliate?

  1. The more you sale the more money you make!
  2. Doesn't require a shopping cart account.
  3. Monthly Pay outs. (30 Day Hold to Catch Fraudulent Accounts)

We are always looking to partner up with:

Web Site Designers Network Marketing Companies
Business Professionals Web Site Design Companies
Internet Consultants Advertising & Marketing Companies
Virtual Assistants Media Companies
Internet Marketers Printing/Publishing Companies
Authors, Speakers & Trainers Affiliate Marketers
Hosting Providers Merchant Account Providers

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Customized Marketing Partnership
If you can send us at least 20 paying accounts a month and would like to explore a customized marketing partnership with us, please contact our marketing agency, eNautics, Inc.

You can reach them at: www.eNautics.com/e-partners.html

We would love to speak with you about a promoting our ecommerce shopping cart.